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Mark Miclette

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Advertising

My name is Mark Miclette and I live and work in New York City. My passion is politics and I'm consumed with the world of digital marketing.

Mark Miclette's Bio:

Mark Miclette is a website designer and orchestrater for a few large traffic, high content websites on the web. Mostly dealing with public information, Mark Miclette has created a few free resources online where people can look up and find endless, extensive information about public matters such as jail information, and rehabd information.

Mark Miclette realized that as Prisons and Drug Rehabilitation centers are not serving clients as a for-profit, private organization or company would, that the customer service of such establishments is little or non-existant. As a solution, Mark Miclette has developed various continuously updated databases which come complete with all possible information about every jail and rehab in the country. The information that can be found on one of Mark Miclettes sites would be equivalent to visitation hours, policies, names of prison employees and guards, the inmates themselves, addresses, hours, and anyother information a family member of an inmate or potential employer may need to know.

To advance the discussion of honesty in the Media, Politics and the American way of life as outlined by our founding fathers, Mark Miclette uses his facebook page as medium of discussion.

Mark is happiest when you challenge, debate and disagree with him. Since May of 2013 Mark Miclette only accepted facebook friends who wish to challenge and be challenged. As Mark says: I'm not going to censor anyone. Use your own page to discuss your personal life... please use my page to question everything, discuss business, politicians and corruption of our political leaders.

I believe we are all equal in the eyes of the law. I am not politically correct. I despise public officials who are corrupt. I demand a lot from myself and I am consumed with my love of living. Unlike most people in America, I have learned what the loss of freedom really means, so I challenge the rest of America to stop giving it up in the name of equality for everyone and instead strive to accomplish more than you think is possible.

In my business life I put together collections of data and information, hopefully making it easier and more fun to use for information consumers. I live, work and play in New York City.

Mark Miclette's Experience:

  • Content Marketing and UX at Johnny Ex Incorporated

    When people search for specific information on the internet they want to find an answer to their query that is relevant, helpful and interesting. My job on the websites I work with is to make our visitor's experience exceptional... I want them to share the information with other people and to keep coming back again and again when they need help.

  • Content and Marketing Manager at Johnny Ex, Inc.

    Providing excellent and relevant authoritative information that people find useful is the most important thing for a website. That is what I do.

  • District Manager at Agency Rental Car

    Mark Miclette began at Agency as an entry level employee and quickly became Agency's District Manager for all of New York City.

Mark Miclette's Interests & Activities:

Internet Marketing, conservative politics, writing and promotions. My primary focus is blogging and providing relevant and helpful information about jails, prisons, reputation management, the criminal justice system, substance abuse and mental health treatment. My passion is helping people make positive changes in their lives, never allowing mistakes from their past define who they are and want to be.

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